Saving For A Retirement Income That Actually Lasts?

Discover Exactly How Much You Need To Be Saving And Where.

Hi, I'm Kenan Godfrey, and I'm the President & Managing Partner here at Godfrey Financial Group, LLC. I have over 10 years experience as a retirement education specialist working with hundreds of retirement plan participants. And the one thing that people I talk to fear most, is running out of money in retirement.
Not only this, they understand long-term savings and wealth accumulation is primarily about creating an income stream in the future for retirement. 
BUT - they don't know how much to save or know where to put their money to provide the best income stream. Most people think its all about how much you save, the more you save now the more you will have right? Wrong.
Your Number One Problem Today Is – Low Distribution Rates.
Traditional methods state you can only draw 3-4% of your retirement investments to avoid running out of money in retirement. 
These relatively low distribution rates can be problematic. Think about it, you'd need $1,000,000 at retirement just to create just $30-40,000 per year of retirement income. 
Is that what you imagined?
Worst still, what about adding inflation to your current income? $100,000 of income today needs to be $180,000 in 20 years at 3% inflation to maintain spending power. 
This would require the accumulation of approximately $5 million by retirement time. How feasible does this path sound running your own numbers? Is this the path you would want to stay on if you had a choice?
It isn’t so much the accumulation (saving) phase that’s the issue, its the low distribution of income that could leave you broke in retirement. 
The Solution Is – High Distribution Rates 
What if today you could put yourself on a path of high distribution rates?Where $1 Million suddenly means $70-130,000 a year of income. Wouldn't that make a world of difference?
By knowing how income streams work so you can take action NOW in pre-retirement, so you can position your savings accordingly. 
And that means you know how much to save and where to put it to increase your retirement income potential.
Sign up for a free Wealth Building Consultation today and avoid the pain and misery of low distribution rates, understand exactly what to save and where to put it and instead look forward to retirement income you can enjoy as long as you need it.
The sooner you get on an efficient path, the greater impact you have on the results. And that means a retirement you can really enjoy.